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 Fiberglass FX4
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The FX3 is a fiberglass tiller extension perfectly sized for 8' wide boats, including Hobie 16s, 18s and Turbo 14s, Prindle 16s, and Nacra F17s. 

With 50" collapsed length, the FX3 is easy to maneuver while sitting on the boat, plus its 92" extended length allows the skipper to trap forward comfortably while retaining full maneuverability.

The FX3 comes standardly equipped with rubber end grip and stainless steel hardware to attach it to the tiller cross bar.  Optionally, the FX3C is the same 50" Arriba Stick equipped with Cork Ball grip professionally installed at our facility.


  FX3 Stats: Length 50" / Extends to 92" / Weighs  28.7 oz. or 813 grams